Friday, 5 August 2016

Kobold Wars: a little project for Westfalia

I'm currently working on a set of rules for Westfalia Miniatures entitled Kobold Wars. Just like the eponymous little critters, the rules will be short and sweet (well, 50% like a kobold).

You can see some of the superb little kobolds in the photo - they're about 15mm tall, so expect to field a swarm of them on the tabletop. These are work in progress models, of course.

As usual with my stuff, I'm aiming for very simple mechanisms, but with a couple of twists thrown in to pep up gameplay and really add to the feeling of playing a game and out-thinking your opponent.

The best place to find out more is either this thread at the Lead Adventure Forum, or checking out Westfalia's Facebook page; currently estimates look to be an October Kickstarter for the figures, and the rules will accompany them. I expect there will be more news from me in the near future too, on this 'ere blog.