Friday, 12 August 2016

TMWWBK arrives via the Khyber Pass / My Letterbox

The slap sound could have been the breech snapping back into place on a Martini-Henry, but no, it was a padded envelope through the door. Inside... The Men Who Would Be Kings!

I've mentioned with my other books that a big perk of writing the thing is that I get to see one of the first copies to arrive from the printer. Hooray!

This is my fourth book in the Osprey Wargames series (my fifth publishes next year), and the delight still doesn't wear thin when I have a new set of rules coming out. Especially when I open a printed copy for the first time.

I love the Peter Dennis cover, and inside I'm lucky enough to have more work by Peter Dennis, Angus McBride, and my long-time favourite military artist, the late, great Richard Scollins.

I've taken a quick couple of snaps, shown here - the colour plates give some indication of the breadth of colonial gaming: North West Frontier on the cover, Maori Wars art by Richard Scollins, and French Foreign Legion by Peter Dennis.

Stock will be arriving in the next couple of weeks, I guess, so as usual with my relationship with Osprey, we will have the book to you on the publication date if not before (I wish other people would do the same - I'm wait patiently for various books and rules whose dates keep slipping!).

If you've ordered a copy, you're nearly there! If you've not, head over to North Star, Amazon, or wherever else you choose to spend your money. North Star, you may recall, say they'll be despatching copies before anyone else, should you be in a hurry.