Monday, 5 September 2016

Armies included in The Men Who Would Be Kings

To give you some idea of the breadth of ‘Colonial’ warfare covered by TMWWBK, here’s a list of the sample Field Forces I include in the rulebook. Of course, you can use them as inspiration to create forces for any war you fancy, you're not limited to what's printed on those pages.

It’s not all about Africa, it’s not all about India, and it’s not even all about breech-loading rifles.

As with all of my rules, the lists I include are not set in stone – you should tinker to your heart’s content. 

I use army lists to show examples of how you can build an army for my rules, not how you must build it. That would go completely against the way I look at games. 

As always, it’s great if you can research your own units (even if your primary sources are movies or novels – it’s your game, play it in the style you wish). But if you can't, or just don't fancy it, you can use the off-the-shelf examples from the book.

So, in order of appearance (and with dates where this helps to avoid confusion – included are armies from approximately the 1840s to about 1900), we have:

Anglo-Egyptian War and The Sudan
1. Beja
2. British
3. Camel Corps 1884–85
4. Egyptian
5. River Arab

Anglo-Zulu War and the First Boer War
6. Boer
7. British
8. Zulu

Darkest Africa
9. Explorers
10. Naval Landing Party
11. Slavers
12. Tribesmen

French Africa
13. French Foreign Legion
14. French Armée d’Afrique
15. Arabic
16. Dahomey

Italian Invasion of Ethiopia, 1896
17. Italian
18. Ethiopian

North West Frontier and The Great Game
19. Honorable East India Company 1840s
20. Khalsa Army 1840s
21. Afghan Regulars 1879
22. British 1879
23. Pathan 1879
24. Great Game Theoretical Russians

The Old West
25. Apache
26. Plains Tribes
27. US Cavalry

The Pig War Gone Hot
28. American
29. British

And Finally…
30. Danny and Peachey’s Private (Kafiristani) Army