Thursday, 1 September 2016

Latest on Arrowstorm and Battle Ravens boardgames...

I've had a fair few people contacting me for an update on both games, that I first mentioned back in June ahead of Games Expo.

Here's the current state of play:

1. Both games were completed some months back and are with PSC Games, so are either in or should soon be in their production schedule.

2. Arrowstorm - the medieval battle game - should be up for Kickstarter in October, according to the info I have from PSC.

3. Battle Ravens - the abstract Viking game - is further back in the queue. This is frustrating for me as I am so proud of this particular game, but I respect PSC's call to release games in the order they choose.

So both games are still going ahead, it's just a test of patience!

The best I can suggest if you're champing at the bit is to drop PSC Games a line and let them know you're really keen to back the Kickstarter... you never know, if enough people do so they may be tempted to bump my games up the production line.