Thursday, 20 October 2016

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 87 (and me)

I've seen that the next issue of WSS includes a little article I've written for Old West shoot outs, based on the game concepts of BANG! If you've not tried BANG!, give it a go... you can find out more HERE.

This is what WSS is saying about my article:

"Bitesize battle: Dan Mersey, "A wild west shootout with a difference - Bang! you're dead". A small collection of Old West models is perhaps the most cost-effective ‘army’ a wargamer can own. Terrain and scenery is interchangeable – basically, once you have your cowboys painted and based, you’re good to go with any rules that hits the market."

And... if you've not had enough of me after reading that, there's a play through of The Men Who Would Be Kings; I don't know what it says, but I'm obviously hoping it gets a positive review:

"Let's play: Rossco Watkins, "Quick play colonial rules - The men who would be kings". Sunday afternoons were sacrosanct growing up in our house: a roast lunch followed by a movie that my father and grandfather were more than likely to fall asleep through. But these movies were ‘the stuff’ that would capture a young boy’s imagination forever. Films about brave, noble, and loyal Englishmen, or more interestingly, the odd ‘scoundrel’ serving king/queen and country. They bravely marched against the enemies of the Empire in far flung corners of the globe, generally being ‘jolly good chaps’."

And... if you've still not had enough... this is an English Civil War themed issue, and my co-author on The Pikeman's Lament - Dalauppror - has managed to find his Swedish connection to it. I'm looking forward to finding out more!

"Theme: Michael Leck, "The Swedish influence on the Battle of Newburn". 'Is he for real?’ you must think. ‘Does he really mean that the Swedes were involved in the prelude to the English Civil War?’ Finding a Swedish connection was hard but eventually I managed to find some interesting information regarding how Sweden influenced the start of the English Civil War."

And... it's not all about me. There's a write up about Gripping Beast's new Ancients & Medievals rules, Spearpoint, which I'm keen to find out more about. Looks like a jam packed issue of WSS, and it should be in the shops soon.