Friday, 4 November 2016

Albert Ball and Nottingham: Part 1

Last year, on a visit to catch up with some chums in Nottingham, I decided to take myself on a little tour of some of the city's lesser known sites. These lesser known sites related to the First World War air ace Albert Ball, a son of the city.

Now, as a kid I had a fair obsession with First World War aircraft (I still do, but to a much lesser, and perhaps healthier (!) extent), shared with my Dad. For some reason no longer remembered, my favourite amongst these pioneers of aerial warfare was Albert Ball. He was certainly a brave fellow, and flew some of my favourite aircraft (this could have been part of the appeal, he got to fly Bristol Scout after all!), was highly decorated and became quite a 'media celebrity' before his untimely death.

It's easy enough to find out more about Ball online, so I shan't go into further detail here, other than to share the rather fine cartoon you can see above. There are a few decent books about him, from which I gleaned much of the biographical information to send me on a little tour around the suburb of Lenton.

Instead of sharing Ball's story as others have done before, over a short series of posts I'll share the photos I took in Nottingham, commemorating the man himself and his relationship with the city. Click on the 'Albert Ball' label to the right to see the full collection (I'll be posting them over the next few days).