Saturday, 5 November 2016

Albert Ball and Nottingham: Part 2

As previously outlined, I'm sharing a series of photos I took on a visit to Nottingham last year, all relating to the air ace Albert Ball.

This collection of photos were taken in Lenton, just to the west of the city centre and the home of Ball's family. Hopefully they'll be of interest to others who are interested in Ball but will never get to Nottingham... I think they're a fitting reminder that this 'killing machine' had a human side (a very human side, judging by the contents of his letters home).

Let's start with three houses in which the family lived (a few photos of Ball as a returning war hero were taken outside the Lenton Road house - the space next to it was a building site at the time I took the photos, so it's possible that this view may no longer be available). From there we'll visit the local church with a memorial to Ball, the houses built in his memory, and the Lenton War Memorial.

Click on the 'Albert Ball' label to the right to see the full collection of photos.

The Ball home on the corner of Lenton Boulevard and
Mettham Street; I believe this is where Albert Ball
was born.
The Ball home on Sherwin Road.

The Ball home on Lenton Road.

Holy Trinity Church, Lenton. There is
a memorial on the wall to Ball (see below).

The memorial to Ball; unfortunately, the
church was undergoing renovation during
my visit, so this was the closest I got (poking
my camera through the cladding).

The Albert Ball Memorial Homes. Built by his 
father in 1922, with a number of flight
themed features (see HERE).

The cupola atop the Memorial Homes has an aircraft
wind vane.

On closer inspection, I did wonder whether the aircraft was
modelled on the Austin-Ball AFB1, which Ball had
a hand in designing (or at least publicising).
They seem to share the same stocky characteristics, although
I could'nt get a good enough photo to be sure.

Outside the Memorial Homes is Lenton's War Memorial. As
shown below, Ball is listed on it.

Closer view of one of the memorial's plaques.
Ball's commemoration on the war memorial.