Friday, 30 December 2016

My new books publishing in 2017

My last post for the year... so it seems like a good idea to highlight a few of my projects coming to fruition in 2017.

First up, in January, we have The Pikeman's Lament. This is my final (at least for now) installment of the seemingly popular Lion Rampant rules system. As the title suggests, this is for pike and shot warfare, and is co-written with Michael Leck, who knows a lot more about the pike and shot period than I do. The core rules are very similar to Lion Rampant, but lots has changed regarding troop types, and there's more characterisation of your leader - something a lot of people have requested since Lion Rampant first published (I never knew how many of you were role-players in denial!). And some fun new scenarios round the book off.

In March, my first two books for Pen & Sword will publish:

  • A Wargamer's Guide to The Anglo-Zulu War
  • A Wargamer's Guide to 1066 and the Norman Conquest

These are wargamer's guides to specific periods or campaigns. They are NOT rulebooks, but instead present a short section of relevant history, and then move on to look at armies and organisation, weapons, key battles, ideas for wargaming those battles and the period in general, lists of suitable figures and rules, plus a handful of scenarios that reflect aspects of warfare in the given period. I've tried to write these as good introductory guides to gaming the period in question, but think experienced players should find something of interest in the books, also.

All of these titles are available for pre-order at the usual online retailers.

More news on other projects will be following in the new year - I've been hard at work on various projects over the past couple of years which are finally coming close to publishing!