Sunday, 15 January 2017

British tanks at Bovington

Just a few more photos from my recent visit.

This time, it's a selection of British AFVs. Plus one imposter.

Watch out, it's armed with a, oh, erm, a smoke mortar.
The A10 is such a beautifully ungainly beast!

Especially when compared with the thoroughbred lines
of the A13! 
"Why Mr Churchill, you appear to be breathing fire
today. Rough night on the spirits?"


Front view of the Cromwell.

Sherman Firefly.

Okay, so this one's not a British tank. It's the tank from
the Brad Pitt movie Fury. It looks great with the
weathering and kit added.

Lovely Medium tank, fine gloss finish too!

The tank we didn't want... the Vickers Six Tonner.
I like the factory finish, but I do wonder what climate
it was intended for.