Sunday, 5 February 2017

A new record for me: two articles in one magazine (Wargames Illustrated 352)

A little belated news, as I've had very little hobby time recently...

Wargames Illustrated 352 (February 2017) sees a new milestone for me: two articles in one issue. Anyone would think I had a lot to say for myself!

The two articles in question are:

Wargaming went all educational last year when Dan Mersey was invited to Edinburgh to speak on this topic. Professor Gianlucca Raccagni, the organizer, tells us all about the concept.

Dan Mersey takes a look at both the historical and Shakespearean versions of Macbeth, one of the most intriguing characters from Scottish history.

The first article is a transcript of a talk I gave in Edinburgh (previously mentioned on this blog), and the second is a fuller account of the Macbeth Lion/Dragon Rampant army I've previously detailed here. If you've read them, I hope they were of interest to you.

Elsewhere in the issue, Henry Hyde makes mention of two of my upcoming Pen & Sword wargaming books (1066 and the Anglo-Zulu War), there's mention of using The Men Who Would be Kings for a colonial scenario, and there are two adverts for The Pikeman's Lament (one from Osprey one from North Star). All in all, that's a lot of me in one issue.

Some people would say too much of me. Especially the photos of me in the Edinburgh article.