Monday, 27 February 2017

Breaking news: I am responsible for tabletop wargaming sinking to an all-time low!

That is the opinion of an Amazon reviewer, anyhow. It's quite some burden, and I must therefore apologise to you all.

In all seriousness, it is a shame when people try my games and don't enjoy them, but I also know that our hobby is so diverse that not everyone is going to like what I do. Luckily, most other Amazon reviews, and reviewers in general, are much more positive about my games!

If you've played any of my games, whether you like them or not, please do post reviews if you have time. What's helpful - even in this scathing review - is when reviewers take the time to say why they do or don't like the rules. That's why this one is worth mentioning - "Pete" doesn't like my design choices, so I'm glad he wrote why that's the case and explained what he didn't like, rather just saying "the game is rubbish", or "I don't like it". I'm fairly certain that we wouldn't have much in common with regard to the games we play, as it sounds as if "Pete" is looking for something different from his hobby to me.

The most frustrating reviews, which a couple of my books have had in the past, are one-star reviews based on Kindle rendering, or the quality of the delivery service, which aren't really reviews of the product but of things beyond my own control.

Then again, I'm also aware that "Pete" crowns me with that "all-time low" accolade!

If you can, please get yourself into Amazon, or any other review websites, and spend a few minutes writing a review of my games or those of other designers. But please don't accuse anyone else of producing an all-time low in the hobby, as that's my claim to fame and I'm not sharing it with anyone.