Wednesday, 8 February 2017

New army lists for The Pikeman's Lament ... and 'army lists' for my rules in general

Michael and I have had a few queries about additional army lists for The Pikeman's Lament. Most of these have been requests for scaled down versions of 'national armies'.

Now, The Pikeman's Lament is really intended as a large skirmish game ('grand skirmish' as some describe it, although putting 'grand' in front of anything just makes me think of coffee shops), so there's no real need for 'national armies'. But as I've found with my other rules, a lot of gamers like to use them, so as Michael has said, 'Who are we to say no?'

So over on Michael's blog, you will find a number of suggested army lists.

Check them out HERE on the Dalauppror blog.

As always, I'm keen for gamers to pick and choose what they use from my rules. The army lists are not set in stone, and may be tweaked or ignored as you wish. I'm a great believer in collecting an army based on your own research or whim, rather than optimising your list for maximum 'winningness'.

I'm told there's someone who hangs out at The Miniatures Page never missing the opportunity to point out that the Lion Rampant sample army for the Scots doesn't work for the skirmishes he fights ... which is rather missing the point that you build your own retinue based on your research rather than ruining your own game by using the SAMPLE lists I provided. I suspect he has missed the text that says, 'There are no ‘official army lists’ in Lion Rampant, and Section 3 includes suggestions for further reading to research your own retinue in detail.' But hey ho.

The (rambling) moral of this post is: Do as much or as little research into the army you are collecting as you wish, but above all else, please have fun collecting an army and playing the game!