Saturday, 11 February 2017

Video review of Dragon Rampant at Boardgamegeek

Over on Boardgamegeek - one of my favourite homes online - I discovered a new(ish) video review about Dragon Rampant, my fantasy wargame rules.

I thought this was a decent review, and worth sharing. You can watch it HERE.

I especially liked that the reviewer has picked up on the idea of being able to use just a handful of models and designating each of them as a unit in their own right with 12 or 6 'hit points', making a true skirmish game (in miniatures gaming terms). I've not seen this mentioned too often, but I play in this way fairly frequently.

*edit* Whoops! I realise now that I have shared this before! In my defence, it's recently popped up on BGG as a 'new' video. Still worth watching though.