Sunday, 26 March 2017

A couple of mounted units to take on the Zulus

A couple of reinforcement units have turned up from Matt at Glenbrook Games.

These are more of my old Ral Partha figures, gradually being painted up for my The Men Who Would Be Kings colonial rules. I use 8-model units, but using a couple more or couple less models makes little difference unless you're a real stickler for points values.

Perhaps even more than the redcoats and Zulu regiments, the irregular cavalry units of the Zulu War really appeal to me for both gaming and their uniforms... I was sorely tempted to ask Matt to paint some of these in the light blue uniform of Zulu Dawn (which, so far as I can work out, is based on a poorly coloured Osprey plate).

By happy coincidence, my new Wargamer's Guide to the Anglo-Zulu War should be dropping through letter boxes very soon for those of you kind enough to have ordered a copy!