Friday, 14 April 2017

A little bit about +Strongsword+

For quite some time, I've been working quietly in background with Kawe from Westfalia Miniatures to flesh out some of his ideas for fantasy games. In May, he's putting the first of these into his next Kickstarter...

+Strongsword+ is a slightly quirky but simple-to-learn set of rules designed for playing tabletop fantasy wargames, written by me and published by Westfalia Miniatures. 

Many fantasy wargames place in your command of a huge army divided into tactical units or just a handful of models acting independently of one another. +Strongsword+ places you at the head of a mob of ferocious frothing fighters, be that a large or small mob of them! 

The style of play is quite straightforward, but the real challenge is working out how to use the simple rules to command your warriors in battle as effectively as possible. This is because, although all of your models act independently from one another, your whole force is guided by the single tactic or ‘Battle Stance’ you set each turn.

Your Battle Stance is a simple order that’s either shouted by leaders over the tumult of battle, indicated by flag waving, horn blowing, or similar battlefield communication. It tells each of your warriors how to act this turn – maybe they’ll be ordered to be defensive, or aggressive, stand back to catch their breath, or go completely nutty and charge at the nearest living enemy. 

The key focus of commanding your warband in this arena of mob warfare is that you must choose the single Battle Stance that strengthens to your current situation – you can’t go giving differing, complex orders to different warriors under your command because you’re too busy fighting and simply don’t have that luxury of time. Instead, shout your commands as loudly as you’re able to and let your warriors do their best!

Combat and morale is kept pretty simple, as are the spells you can cast. This means that the game is driven by your Battle Stance choices, which I hope presents players with the feeling of really commanding a smallish group of warriors on a low-tech battlefield.

The rules are written with Westfalia's excellent little Halfmen and their new Kobolds in mind, but you'll be able to field pretty much any type of models you desire with a little bit of tinkering of the army lists included in the book.