Monday, 3 April 2017

Dragon Rampant: Dwarves of the Gleaming Hills Warband

Here they hide heroically behind a wall
Many moons ago, I posted a sample Dwarf warband for Dragon Rampant, to demonstrate how you could build a Dragon Rampant force with very few models.

I included a few other suggested options there, too. You can read that HERE.

Well, I have a nice collection of old Grenadier Dwarves, which I've thought have just the right look since I first got some in the late 1980s or early 1990s (at a guess), and so I have built a variety of Dragon Rampant warbands using them.

However, here's my current favourite line up for these short-legged little fellows:

The Dwarves of The Gleaming Hills

Jarl: Elite Foot, Leader, Fear @ 8 pts 
6 models - the Jarl himself plus musicians, banner men, and a champion.

Huscarls: Offensive Heavy Foot @ 6 pts
12 models

2 x Thanes: Heavy Foot @ 4 pts each
24 models in total

Thralls: Scouts @ 2pts
6 models

And here they poke the eye sockets of some skeletons
For larger points battles than the standard 24-pointer, the Huscarls can be broken down into two Elite Foot units (6 models each, at a cost of 6pts per unit).

There's nothing pretty about the tactics of the Dwarves of the Gleaming Hills. They waddle forward into close contact and hit things as hard as they are able to.

The Thralls provide a limited amount of missile support - against more mobile enemies they are placed fairly centrally in my battle line to give them good all-round range. The Jarl isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in - along with the Huscarls, he's the main threat in this force.

Of course, whether they are successful or not depends on so much more than this fine yet theoretical tactical explanation!

They have an Anglo-Danish feel to them, certainly in terms of unit names, but I think this suits the sculpts too. As there's little difference between the models used as Thanes and Huscarls, I distinguish them by kitting the Huscarls out in gold-plated armour and brightly coloured helmets (as does the Jarl and his bodyguards, who like a bit of shiny metal!).