Tuesday, 25 July 2017

What am I working on right now?

I know a few people seem to enjoy these little updates, so here goes...

I mentioned a little while ago that I was working on a 'legendary' Arthurian skirmish game. Well, as the game developed, I realised that it was moving closer and closer to my ultimate goal, which is an Arthurian adventure boardgame. My development has increasingly moved away from miniature-versus-miniature battle gaming and more about quests. Let's see where it goes! This one might be a hard sell on boardgame companies, but I want to remain true to my aim of creating a properly themed Arthurian game rather than one of the 'fantasy with knights' games I've seen more recently. If this means it doesn't find a publisher, so be it - if I complete an Arthurian boardgame, that's my own personal Holy Grail so it will have to be on my own terms.

The other game I'm working on at the moment is a WW1 aircraft game. Now, this has been a huge area of (historical as opposed to gaming) interest over many, many years, and it's finally dawned on me how I want it to work. I've played so many boardgames and miniatures games covering the first air war, and still own a respectable collection of them, but now I'm tackling the subject in the way I will enjoy the most: simple rules trying to capture the feel of dogfighting as described in the books I've read since I was a young chap. Once again, let's see where this one goes but I've been in overdrive working on this recently.

There's one more project, a miniatures ones, but that must remain hush hush for now. Sorry!

This is the real joy of being an independent designer - tied neither to a specific publisher or miniatures range - in that I can work on what I fancy rather than worrying about the market's demands! And I can chop and change what I'm working on depending on my latest whim or inspiration - sometimes all it takes is rewatching a favourite movie and me then realising that I have no game that scratches that itch. That said, these current games have been bubbling away for some time now and are at fairly advanced stages of development.

Alongside these new games, my three completed boardgames are still with the publisher, waiting to emerge onto an unsuspecting market. And +Strongsword+, my fantasy skirmish written for Westfalia Miniatures, will hopefully be available very soon. Patience, I must keep telling myself.

If either of the new boardgames pick up traction, I'll post more news here. At some point, I might even be looking for a few extra playtesters, so keep your eyes peeled if that interests you. The miniatures game will definitely be featuring on this blog in the future :-)