Sunday, 20 August 2017

Dux Bellorum turns five!

Well, according to the Osprey Publishing website, Dux Bellorum turns five today. Wow, how time flies!

Happy birthday DB.

Dark Ages gaming has come on leaps and bounds in this time - mostly due to Studio Tomahawk's superb Saga which published around the same time as Dux Bellorum and is rightly very popular - although I hope that my rules may have helped promote the period too.

Dux Bellorum was the result of my many years of gaming and research into this then-relatively unplayed period. It was also my third set of rules for post-Roman warfare, following on from Glutter of Ravens and Song of Arthur and Merlin.

For a long while in the mid 1990s,  it seemed like I was one of a bare handful (if that) of gamers submitting Dark Ages articles to the hobby magazines, but I'm very pleased to say that has changed and we see many Dark Ages articles and armies nowadays. Let's keep that going! It's my favourite period to game and I love seeing it flourish, so I've enjoyed (almost!) all of the articles I've read. The same goes for Dark Age-specific rule sets, such as the aforementioned Saga and also Simon MacDowall's Comitatus (although there have been a few sets I wasn't so fussed by). And I marvel at the choice of figure ranges available today, compared with those I could find when I started out on this period in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Gripping Beast are still at the forefront, but check out what Footsore and Saxon are putting out, too. 15mm has sadly been less blessed, and my dream of a 20mm range remains just that... A dream.

I'm still really proud of Dux Bellorum, five years on, and am pleased to hear that it still seems to get played by a fair few gamers. And I hope that in another five years, should I still be posting on the 10th anniversary, that a few gamers still remember these rules too!

If you've not got a copy of the rules and fancy taking a look, please head over HERE.