Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Newline Designs - TMWWBK unit packs

At the recent Colours show in Newbury, I picked up some of Newline Design's 20mm colonial miniatures. I love 20mm - the figures feel just the right size to me, and for colonial games, the scale of things on the tabletop looks better than with 28mm figures.

What I didn't know was that Newline have started selling unit packs for The Men Who Would Be Kings, using my recommended unit sizes from the rulebook. I picked up a couple of packs to get a new North West Frontier collection up and running.

What was especially good - whether by chance or design (I'm guessing the latter) - was that the Tribal Infantry came with 12 riflemen and 4 swordsmen, meaning that they can also be fielded as an Irregular Infantry unit. Great idea. Four packs would therefore give you 4 Tribal Infantry, or 3 Irregular Infantry plus 1 Tribal Infantry. Smashing stuff.

You can find Newline's TMWWBK packs HERE. I hope they continue to grow their colonial range of miniatures!