Sunday, 1 October 2017

My Ral Partha Zulu War collection grows!

My unpainted pile of Ral Partha colonials is reduced further, courtesy of Matt at Glenbrook Games. He's painted up a few new units for me, as shown here.

This little lot gives me more flexibility in my British field force for The Men Who Would Be Kings - my aim to to be able to field a British force entirely of Irregular Cavalry but I do need another unit or two to achieve that. I'll be trying to hunt down more Ral Partha figures over the coming months, as my little pile of lead contains no more cavalrymen.
Also included here are my Rifles - there's something special about that very dark green uniform eh? To make them look a little different from my standard line infantry, I used the Highlanders in Trews model. Not accurate, I know, but I like the advancing pose, and have another unit that will be painted as the Highlanders at some point.

Completing this little batch of figures are a team of artillerymen who may take either a Gatling gun or field piece into battle.

Check out Glenbrook Games' website if you're after a good, reliable painter. Tell Matt I sent you ;-)