Sunday, 31 December 2017

Eyes forward to 2018

You may (or may not - depends how interested you are I guess!) - have noticed a lack of regular updates in the past few months. My free time has been devoted to some of my other hobbies in recent times - including playing games just for fun, rather than writing new stuff.

This means my output of new games has dropped off. Even so, I have one upcoming set of miniatures rules still to publish, which will be announced in due course in 2018. And Strongsword, written for Westfalia Miniatures, should surface very soon too. I still enjoy writing magazine articles, so expect a few more of them to trickle out in 2018.

Other than miniatures games, my three boardgames sit patiently in the publishing queue, and I have three more boardgames in development. So there’s still more to come from me!