Sunday, 18 March 2018

A rare speaking engagement! Battlechat with Henry Hyde

Yesterday I popped over to see my old chum Henry Hyde, to be interviewed for a Battlechat feature on his Patreon page (an online, mixed media magazine).

Now this is a real rarity for me - I just don't like doing podcasts or similar, and I think the only person I'd break this habit for is Henry - so if you do want to hear me chatting away about my games for an hour and a half, head over to Henry's website and sign up: BATTLEGAMES.

I have a long association with Henry, going back to the very first issue of his classic Battlegames magazine, so we had plenty to catch up on. I guess it's more of an 'about me' chat, talking through the rules and games I've produced over the years, what I enjoy in gaming, and occasionally dipping into greater detail about aspects of my books.

We had a great time chatting away, so hopefully you'll find it an enjoyable listen!