Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Battle Ravens: Coming soon(er than expected)

Battle Ravens: featuring artwork by Peter Dennis!
Of my three games in the pipeline with PSC Games, I'd been expecting Arrowstorm (HYW battles) to be the first published, followed by Armoured Storm (tank battles in WW2). However, meeting with Will (who owns PSC), there's been a change of plan.

Instead, first up will be Battle Ravens. Expect it to hit Kickstarter a little later this year. Arrowstorm and Armoured Storm will follow on behind it, I am told!

What is Battle Ravens? Well, I’m pleased you asked…

Battle Ravens is a semi-abstract game of Viking Age shieldwall warfare: a brutal clash of strength, cunning and luck, where subtlety and nuance are neither welcome nor commonplace. You need to out-think and out-batter your opponent to break his or her shieldwall and thus his or her army. You do so by choosing whether to command your battle line to attack, defend, or redeploy strength to another part of your shieldwall.

As the shieldwalls clash, ravens fly overhead and lurk where the gory carnage is at its greatest. Command your Warriors, place your Ravens to create their carrion, dice for the luck of the Gods, and break your opponent’s shieldwall before your own army loses heart and flees. Victory shall belong to the most cunning warlord, whose name shall be written into the Sagas.