Sunday, 1 September 2019

My trip to the Sudan: Part Three - Wargamer's Terrain Notebook

The third and final part of my photo diary from Sudan, earlier in 2019.

I know most gamers won't get to visit this country, so I tried to take a variety of shots of the scenery in the deserts north of Khartoum to help you build your tabletop terrain.

As you'll see, it was pretty varied, ranging from rocky ground, through pure sand desert, to scrub. When the wind ships up the sand, visibility really drops; I've included a couple of photos showing baby sandstorms. I've also added photos of the scrub, including the thorny bushes used to build zaribas, and one photo includes huts typical of the area (though I'm not sure if these are the same style as during the Mahdist Campaigns).

Click on the photos for larger viewing versions. If they're useful for your terrain projects, brilliant! I expect to see some accurate tabletops for games of The Men Who Would Be Kings in the coming months!