Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Battle Ravens: Coming soon(er than expected)

Battle Ravens: featuring artwork by Peter Dennis!
Of my three games in the pipeline with PSC Games, I'd been expecting Arrowstorm (HYW battles) to be the first published, followed by Armoured Storm (tank battles in WW2). However, meeting with Will, there's been a change of plan.

Instead, first up will be Battle Ravens. Expect it to hit Kickstarter a little later this year. Arrowstorm and Armoured Storm will follow on behind it, I am told!

What is Battle Ravens? Well, I’m pleased you asked…

Battle Ravens is a semi-abstract game of Viking Age shieldwall warfare: a brutal clash of strength, cunning and luck, where subtlety and nuance are neither welcome nor commonplace. You need to out-think and out-batter your opponent to break his or her shieldwall and thus his or her army. You do so by choosing whether to command your battle line to attack, defend, or redeploy strength to another part of your shieldwall.

As the shieldwalls clash, ravens fly overhead and lurk where the gory carnage is at its greatest. Command your Warriors, place your Ravens to create their carrion, dice for the luck of the Gods, and break your opponent’s shieldwall before your own army loses heart and flees. Victory shall belong to the most cunning warlord, whose name shall be written into the Sagas.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

'Arthurian' Warband in Wargames Illustrated 369

The July 2018 issue of Wargames Illustrated carries the third of my trilogy of mythical British Dragon Rampant warbands.

This time, it's my old chum King Arthur getting the Dragon Rampant treatment.

Actually, more correctly, it's the warband of Vortigern, Ambrosius, Uther, or Arthur. A kind of catch-all rogue's gallery as envisaged by Geoffrey of Monmouth, entitled 'The Host of Logres'.

If you're interested, the magazine should be on sale now!

Thursday, 28 June 2018

+Strongsword+ Dark Ages ... latest test

Just a few photos from last night's game - it was a great excuse to get my latest painted figures onto the tabletop (everything in the photos is painted by the ever-reliable Glenbrook Games).

There's nothing official to report yet on the rules - I wrote Strongsword for Westfalia Miniatures, so once I've decided whether there's enough scope and enough of a different game here, I'll then need to discuss it with them.

For now… some photos! (And the Norse-Gaels won - me!!)

Berserker? He's furious!



Thursday, 21 June 2018

Sons of Death & Hereward the Wake - painted by Glenbrook

Painted for me by Glenbrook Games. Whisper it quietly, but I think this completes my Saga warbands (for now...).

I'm thinking I might put together some rules for Early Medieval games using Strongsword, too. The basics were done ages ago, but I need to sit down and write them up properly (and test them)… watch this space! Possibly.

I asked for the Sons of Death to be brightly painted - if they're destined to die, I imagine they'd want to look their best while they're doing it...

Hereward, on the other hand, just looks like Good Ol' Boy from the Fens.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Halfmen Warband for Dragon Rampant

Someone recently reminded me about a Dragon Rampant warband list I wrote for Kawe at Westfalia Miniatures a couple of years ago, specifically for his Halfmen (halflings, hobbits, hobbitsies, and so on) range. I'd completely forgotten about it, so figure you might have forgotten about it too!

If you did, or if you've not seen it before, check it out in this nice little publication Kawe put together for several rule sets.

Duke Mersey indeed!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

+Strongsword+ arrives!

A handful of print copies of +Strongsword+ arrived at Mersey Towers a few days ago. Here are a few taster shots - you can order a copy from Westfalia Miniatures HERE.

Monday, 9 April 2018

This coming weekend: Salute

I'll be working on The Plastic Soldier Company stand at Salute, showing off one of our new boardgames. If you feel like popping by to say hi, I'm sure I can take a bit of time out to chat about my own games! Even better, you can give Will a prod to tell him to shift my games up the schedule - the more people who say they'd like to see my boardgames in print, the more likely his arm can be twisted...

Top chum Michael will also be at Salute with a game of The Pikeman's Lament. I'll try to pop by and spend some time at his table, work allowing, so you might find the pair of us together. The equivalent of rolling a double 1 :-)

Friday, 6 April 2018

Some old Dragon Rampant photos

Just a random collection of photos I've found, reminding me what a diverse little collection of fantasy miniatures I've built up, and also how versatile Dragon Rampant is - fantasy doesn't need to be all about goblins, orcs, and dwarves! (Although it's sometimes pretty good when it is!)

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Sunday, 18 March 2018

A rare speaking engagement! Battlechat with Henry Hyde

Yesterday I popped over to see my old chum Henry Hyde, to be interviewed for a Battlechat feature on his Patreon page (an online, mixed media magazine).

Now this is a real rarity for me - I just don't like doing podcasts or similar, and I think the only person I'd break this habit for is Henry - so if you do want to hear me chatting away about my games for an hour and a half, head over to Henry's website and sign up: BATTLEGAMES.

I have a long association with Henry, going back to the very first issue of his classic Battlegames magazine, so we had plenty to catch up on. I guess it's more of an 'about me' chat, talking through the rules and games I've produced over the years, what I enjoy in gaming, and occasionally dipping into greater detail about aspects of my books.

We had a great time chatting away, so hopefully you'll find it an enjoyable listen!