Thursday, 28 November 2019

Battle Ravens in Tabletop Gaming's Best Games of 2019

I've been tipped off that my Battle Ravens boardgame features in TABLETOP GAMING'S BEST GAMES OF 2019 issue, publishing at the start of December! This is very exciting news!

If you'd like to read their review, you can do so online here: Tabletop Gaming Battle Ravens Review.

And the good news for you, if you like what you read, is you can order the game or - even better - a special bundle deal - right here: Buy Battle Ravens.

Hand on heart, I can tell you that if you're looking for a Viking Age Shieldwall Battle Game for Christmas this year, it's the one I'd recommend! And if you're not looking for such a specific Christmas gift, well maybe you should be....!

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Battle Ravens Hastings Anniversary Offer

The gang at PSC Games have put together this special offer ahead of Monday's anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.... get yours now!!

To mark the Battle of Hastings, which started on 14 October 1066, we are running a special of 25% off of Battle Ravens core game and 25% off Battle Ravens 3x Infantry Armies (Scottish, Norman, Welsh). This deal is running for a limited time only on our official store:

Sunday, 1 September 2019

My trip to the Sudan: Part Three - Wargamer's Terrain Notebook

The third and final part of my photo diary from Sudan, earlier in 2019.

I know most gamers won't get to visit this country, so I tried to take a variety of shots of the scenery in the deserts north of Khartoum to help you build your tabletop terrain.

As you'll see, it was pretty varied, ranging from rocky ground, through pure sand desert, to scrub. When the wind ships up the sand, visibility really drops; I've included a couple of photos showing baby sandstorms. I've also added photos of the scrub, including the thorny bushes used to build zaribas, and one photo includes huts typical of the area (though I'm not sure if these are the same style as during the Mahdist Campaigns).

Click on the photos for larger viewing versions. If they're useful for your terrain projects, brilliant! I expect to see some accurate tabletops for games of The Men Who Would Be Kings in the coming months!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

My trip to the Sudan: Part Two - The Melik

More photos from my trip to Sudan earlier this year!

Back in (I think) 1999, I wrote a short piece for the Warship annual about The Melik Society, who were working to preserve this famous Nile gunboat (that served in the Omdurman Campaign) in a dry dock at Khartoum. 

Little did I expect to visit that ship 20 years later, but there it was! Not in the greatest shape, but easily accessible. 

The gun still turns, so among the photos below you'll find me pretending to be a gunner. What can I say, I'm till a child at heart! Other shots show as much of the ship as I was able to capture on film, including the interior and the bridge. 

I was so pleased to visit this ship!

Find out more about the Melik (which you'll most likely have seen in one of the movies made about the Sudan campaigns) here: The Gunboat Melik.

As before, I'm sharing these photos with gamers who are not fortunate enough to be able to visit Sudan. Enjoy!

Sunday, 25 August 2019

My trip to the Sudan: Part One - Khartoum

I was lucky enough to visit Sudan earlier this year. The main reason for my visit was to travel up the Nile from Khartoum to visit Sudan's many amazing pyramids, a swathe of temples, and general archaeological sites from the ancient and medieval periods.

However, given my interest in Sudan's history in the late nineteenth century, I couldn't resist a few detours. I know gamers will be interested in some of my photos as so few of us will ever visit Sudan. Khartoum and Omdurman was a curious place to visit, without that much relating to the Mahdist period on show.

However, here's some of what I found with a little digging...

In the photos below, you'll see a few famous memorials from the former Anglican Church, some of the Mahdist earthwork defences along the Nile, the point where Blue and White Niles meet (and yes, they really are different colours), the Mahdi's Tomb, the Khalifa's House, and various other things of interest to colonial wargamers.

Although the street pattern has changed somewhat, I did manage to find some of those famous diagonal streets that made up the 'Union Flag' street plan.

More to come!