Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Wargamer's Guide to The Early Imperial Roman Empire publishes today

Publishing today and available from your favourite online bookstore - and if you're lucky, a real-life bookshop close to where you live!

If you do buy this book, I hope you enjoy it! It's written as a guide to playing games in the period of the Roman Empire (well, part of it, anyway), and focusses on gameplay, rules, scenarios, and how best to represent the battles on the tabletop more than the history (although there's a bit of that included too).

This is, for now, the final instalment of my 'wargamer's guides' published by Pen & Sword.

Now we sit back and see how well this series sells... but regardless of the outcome, my thanks go to the P&S team for deciding that a series of books aimed at wargaming specific periods was worth pursuing.